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native blueberry honey water

Our native blueberry organic honey water is made from what we call wild blueberries that make you feel like you just picked them from your garden.  If blueberries are wild, juicy and delicious, think about having them in a bottle.


golden ginger lemon honey water

Imagine the perfect balance of ginger, lemon and honey. Then we did something else, we gave you turmeric extract and 200% daily requirement of vitamin C as a bonus.


simply classic honey water

If you are a honey lover, then this is the right choice. Like honey water made in many cultures around the world, our Simply Classic organic honey watergives you a subtle honey taste.


savory cinnamon honey water

While the cinnamon and honey pair may seem like a weird combination, wait until you try our Savory Cinnamon. Just like the name says, you will savor this as you drink.


tangy lemon honey water

Many people know that the combination of lemon and honey is like marriage made in heaven. Our tangy lemon organic honey water gives you what you need. It is light, refreshing, hydrating and smooth to drink.


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