Honey water is popular in some countries in Asia, Middle East and Africa. People drink it for a variety of reasons and some Middle Eastern countries refer to it as the water of life while others drink it for the health benefits. Honeycontains minerals, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants and has been touted to have many health benefits. It is the combination of these compounds that provide the unique health benefits of honey.

Our honey waters are finely crafted with exquisite ingredients to give you a hydrating and refreshing drink. In fact, one of the things we hear from our customers is “oh it’s so refreshing” or “I’m pleasantly surprised”. Starting from our USDA Grade a honey, antioxidant vitamins, and natural flavours, our unique blend will help you quench your thirst and boost your health.

Of course you can mix honey and water at home but have you tried doing it? We promise you what you make at home will not taste like the meticulously curated blend we provide you. Moreover, you can make your coffee or cook your food at home too but many people don’t have the time to do these. We have it done for you in a ready-to-drink bottle so you can just pick it up and go.

One thing that our customers tend to agree with us on is that Bee’s Water is not too sweet. We have a well rounded formulation that gives you the goodness of honey without making it too sweet. Just try it and you will be a believer.

Yes. Every bottle of Bee’s Water has 200% daily value of Vitamin C. The flavoured varieties in addition have Vitamins A and E. These are powerful antioxidant vitamins recognized by scientists. In addition, honey contains antioxidants as well.

Bee’s Water is smooth and refreshing just like water.

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